Arjan Westerdiep,
SOJ Palmelaan 84,
9728VB Groningen,
The Netherlands

phone: +31 6 292 779 32

I like to create things, at a technical level (programming) and at a visual level. Apart from my commercial work I enjoy working on my personal projects, which are, most of the time, a combination of technique and artistic expression.
My interests cover a wide range of topics, including programming, the black art behind computer graphics, math, science, painting, drawing, art, mysteries, strange theories, to name a few.

quote Arjan Westerdiep is probably the modern Escher of the internet. What this man does with all kinds of code just blows your mind.
His portfolio site drububu is filled with all kinds of crazy experiments. And he's from the netherlands! Rock on Arjan!


Prefer email? send your email to arjan@drububu.com.

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