Adobe Flash animation with pixels randomly scattered on the screen, trying to find their way back to their position in a complete pixel art illustration.

You need the Adobe Flash plugin to see the animation.
screenshot pixel pusher animation

If you make a drawing, try to avoid large coloured areas; it takes more time for a pixel to find his/her original position if neighbouring pixels block the way.
The more neighbouring pixels, the longer the animation.

The individual pixels follow a very limited set of rules. A pixel is allowed to move up, down, left, or right.
If a pixel wants to move to a position which has already been taken by another pixel, the latter is kindly asked to get out of the way. If this pixel cannot go anywhere else, because all the directions are occupied by other pixels, all neighbours are requested to move out of the way, etc...

Create Your Own Animation

If you want to use your own image or draw an image yourself, press 'Create Image'.
If you want to use an image stored on your computer, press 'Load' in the lower left corner of the pop-up.
Press 'Start Animation' to start the animation.

Bookmark Your Animation

If you like what you made, you can bookmark your animation just like a normal webpage.
If you want your creation to be available to the public, add your e-mail address, or, alternatively, press directly 'Bookmark'.
Make sure that your e-mail address is not used for any other purpose. The submission of your e-mail address is used as tool to prevent misuse.
After having bookmarked your creation, you will receive feedback about whether the process has succeeded or not. If succeeded, press 'Bookmark' in your browser; your creation will be bookmarked just like any other page you bookmarked.

If you visit the page by selecting the page in your bookmarks, you'll see your creation.
You can e-mail the location as well to your friends, so that they can view your creation.